Glass Gems Magnets

I’m going to go further into detail on how to make glass gem magnets using scrapbook paper, maps, newspaper, books, magazines, and pictures.

What You Need:

  • Glass Gems
  • Modpodge
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue (E6000)
  • Round Magnets
  • Material used to make magnets


You can find everything you need at any craft store or Walmart. I got the gems from Dollar Tree and modpodge, glue and magnets from Walmart.

Okay lets being with scrapbook paper, which is self-explanatory, but you can follow these directions with maps, books, newspaper and magazines.


  1. Trace glass gem onto paper of choice.
  2. Wipe glass gem with cloth.
  3. Apply a layer of modpodge to the flat side of the glass gem then press the paper down upside down, you want to see the back of the the paper.
  4. Apply modpodge to the back of the paper, over lapping onto the glass gem, then let dry.
  5. Add a dot of glue and place round magnet into place. Wait 24 hours before use.

To make magnets using your own pictures I used Microsoft word, so if you have it then you will be able to do these.


For those who don’t, I don’t know what else you could use to shrink the pictures before printing them out.

I decided on adding pictures to go with directions, hopefully you will be able to do this.



1. Right click on the image you are using and click on COPY.

2. Open up Microsoft Word and PASTE image into the document.

3. Right click on the image and click on SIZE.

4. Click on the HEIGHT box and change it to 1 then click CLOSE, the image should shrink down in size.


5. Now click on the INSERT tab and click on SHAPES and on OVAL then drag and make the shape in the document.

6. Right click on the shape and click on FORMAT AUTOSHAPE..


7. Here you are going to do two things, (1) click on the drop menu in COLOR and change it to NO COLOR and (2) click on the SIZE tab where you are going to change the HEIGHT/WEIGHT to 1 and close it


9. Drag the circle onto the image and now you can drag the image to fill the circle or bigger and that’s pretty much it, you can repeat the steps to add other images but before you do that it’s best if you continue on to the next step. If you are done you can delete the circle, you don’t need that when you print it out.


10. If you want to add more images you want to right click on the image and click on TEXT WRAPPING and then SQUARE. Do this to all images you add to the document, it will be better in the long run.

Notice the two images that are different sizes, depending on how much of the photo you want to use depends the size you make the image. (I hope that made sense, lol)

11. Once you added all the images and got it to the right size, you can delete the circle and print out your document and then follow the steps above to make your magnets.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions and if you make glass gem magnets after reading this be sure to tag me on Instagram.





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