Glass Gems Magnets

I’m going to go further into detail on how to make glass gem magnets using glitter, nail polish and paint.

What You Need:

  • Glass Gems
  • Modpodge
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue (E6000)
  • Round Magnets
  • Material used to make magnets



You can find everything you need at any craft store or Walmart. I got the gems from Dollar Tree and modpodge, glue and magnets from Walmart.


Okay lets begin you can find glitter at any craft store, Walmart and Dollar Tree.


  1. Wipe glass gem with a cloth.
  2. Trace the glass gem on to a white paper, cut it out and save for a later use.
  3. Apply a thin layer of modpodge to the flat side of the glass gem and pour your choice of glitter onto the glass gem.
  4. Let it dry before doing another layer.
  5. Apply modpodge onto the paper and press it down onto the glitter.
  6. Apply modpodge to the back to the paper, over lapping onto the glass gem, then let it dry.
  7. Add a dot of glue and place round magnet into place. Wait 24 hours before use.

You can get a little creative with this like I did with the peace sign, I did the blue first making the peace sign. After doing two layers I then added the white.

When it comes to Nail Polish and Paint, depending what design you do you will need to work backwards.


I did different designs with the nail polish starting on the top left to right

  • I made light blue polka dots, once it dries I flipped the glass gem over and see if you need add more blue. After it dries then added the dark blue, again check to see if you need to add more layers.
  • Using black nail polish I painted the palm tree, then using a sponge I used added a layer of nail polish, pink, orange and yellow then dabbed it onto the glass gem. I believe I did this twice.
  • I just used silver adding layers depending if I could see thru it or not.
  • Using light purple I adding three strips, once it dries I flipped the glass gem over to see if I need to add more purple. After it dries I then added the dark purple, adding more layers if needed.
  • The marble affect is a bit messy, using a container I added room temperature water. After choosing  my colors I added a drop of each color in pattern three times. You need to work fast because it will dry and you won’t be able to make the marble effect. Using a tooth pick you create a design then put the glass gem, flat side down into the water and pull it out. Lay it upside down to dry. You will get nail polish on your fingers, to prevent this wear some gloves.
  • Using glitter nail polish I added a layer and waited for it to dry before adding another layer, just add until your liking. After that dries I added the black so the glitter can stand out.

To finish off the magnets, I added a layer of modpodge before gluing on the magnet.


I made these last year and I didn’t get a chance to make some new ones to share but these will work. Remember you need to work backwards when using paint.

  • Penguin: I did the black and the face first before adding the white.
  • Snowman: I painted the face first before adding the white.

To finish off the magnets, I added a layer of modpodge before gluing on the magnet.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions and if you make glass gem magnets after reading this be sure to tag me on Instagram.


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