Dia De Los Muertos

This week I’ll be sharing three crafts for Dia De Los Muertos, a Mexican holiday meaning Day of the Dead celebrated on November 1st. This holiday is celebrated in Central and Southern Mexico and by some in the United States. People create altars in their home to honor their deceased loved ones. They would make all their decreased loved ones favorite foods. Basically have a party to honor those who have passed. You can easily search for more information online.2.jpg

My family never partake in Dia De Los Muertos like they do in Mexico. I would add that I had an aunt and a cousin who would drive up to this little town in California where they would partake in an event that is celebrated there. I joined them in 2011, my family would meet at my aunt’s house to decorate wine glasses or candle holders with images of sugar skulls, acrylic jewels, ribbon, lace, etc.

Then on November 1st, we would go to Hornitos, CA where once the sun goes down the priest would welcome us and we would proceed up to the cemetery in silences holding our candles. Once we reach the top of the hill, we gather around the grave of Candelaria de Sapien where the father says a prayer.  Afterwards we are to leave our candles at an unlit grave site. You can go to Mass that is held in a small church or walk back down to the hall where we can enjoy  food and dessert along with some music.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the first craft of three that I will be sharing, if you watched the slideshow you got a preview of what I’ll be posting tomorrow.







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