Classroom Goodies: Halloween

The past few years I been helping my little cousin making classroom goodies to pass out for holidays and end of the year. So I will be sharing what we made for Halloween which is 2 weeks away. These are very simple to do, you can let your child do it and just assist especially with the hot glue gun. You can even make these to pass out on Halloween night.

What You Need:

  • Ghost & Spider Lollipops
    • Lollipops
    • Kleenex
    • Ribbon or Yarn
    • Black Pipe Cleaners
    • Googly Eyes
    • Black Marker
  • Play-doh Spiders
    • Play-doh (small ones)
    • Pipe Cleaners
    • Googly Eyes
  • Candy Man 
    • Gum Ball (with a face on it)
    • Tootsie Roll (the fat one)
    • Smarties
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors


Ghost & Spider Lollipops


For the Ghost Lollipops:

  • Taking a Kleenex and wrap it around the lollipop, using a piece of ribbon/yarn to secure it. Using a glue gun, glue on the eyes and draw on a mouth with a black marker.

For the Spider Lollipops:

  • You want to cut the pipe cleaners in half, using 4 pieces you will wrap around the stick. Make sure to secure it tightly and glue on the googly eyes. Spread the pipe cleaners out and bend the ends down.

My cousin was 5 or 6 when we made these, she was able to wrap the pipe cleaner around the lollipop to make the legs. As you can tell from the picture they aren’t too perfect because she did most of them. With the eyes I would make the dots and she would place the eyes on them and she did the mouth on all the ghost.

Play-Doh Spiders:


I found this idea online, click here. My aunt wanted something that was different than candy since my cousin’s classroom will be having a party where they would be getting lots of treats. The labels I made at home, it’s just a mailing labels that I added a Halloween clip art and From: Briana. I found the mailing labels at dollar tree.

To make the spiders, you need to cut pipe cleaners in half. For each spider you need three half pip cleaners, twist it in the middle and glue to the top of the play-doh. Then glue googly eyes and bend the pipe cleaner to form legs (shown in image above).

Candy Man


I made these for my group of kids where I used to work, I believe I found all my candy at the dollar tree. You can make these with other candies as well if you can’t find any of the ones I’m using.

For each candy man you need a gum ball, tootsie roll and 4 smarties. Glue the gum ball on top and use the smarties for arms and legs. Very simple and easy to make, also didn’t take too long.

I’ll be sharing some other ideas on Pinterest and if you make any of these classroom goodies be sure to tag me on Instagram.


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