Turkey Craft

This turkey craft was another item to be placed in my students Memory book so the turkeys weren’t that big. I will share the template for both small and big turkeys below.

What You Need:
Construction Paper in brown, orange, red, blue, green, yellow and purple
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
Photo of child
Turkey Template


Print out the template and cut out the pieces you are going to use. Trace the body onto brown paper, the feet on orange and if you are using a beak then use yellow.

I decided to save some time and had everything cut out for the students.


I used five feathers, you can add more if you like. Glue feathers and feet on back of the turkey body. Flip it over and if you decide to use picture of the student glue that on the front. Or you can glue on some googly eyes and a beak on the front.

Your turkey is complete, if you want you can glue it onto another paper and have the child write what they are thankful for underneath.

Here are some other turkey crafts:

Check out my Thanksgiving Crafts board on pinterest for more turkey crafts.


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