My Little Pony Party Ideas

Last year I helped my aunt throw a surprise birthday party for my little cousin. Her party theme was My Little Pony, so I helped with decorations and party games. Most of my ideas were found on pinterest so here is what I came up with.



Surprisingly the weather that day was wonderful that we were able to have the party in the patio, we strung up streams from on end to the other using the colors of the rainbow. My cousins has tons of my little ponies so I had my aunt secretly get her ponies together the night before and I placed them on the tables and the cake table.


I found this cake on pinterest, its made out of cupcakes and marshmallows were used to make the clouds.



Party Outfit:

My cousins favorite My Little Pony is Rainbow Dash, so I made her this tutu. This was my third tutu I made so making this was pretty quick. It’s very easy to make, just search on google, YouTube or pinterest on how to make it. She wore a Rainbow dash shirt found at Walmart and my aunt had a found a head band with ears and rainbow bangs that was found at Party City.

Party Games:

Pin The Cutie Mark on Rainbow Dash – my take on pin the tail on the donkey. Using a poster paper I painted Rainbow Dash and printed out little rainbow cutie marks. I also printed out a Rainbow Dash mask to blindfold the children on. You can easily change this to any other pony.


Bingo – I made my own My Little Pony bingo cards using images I found online and made bingo calling cards. So we could play more than a few games and not worry about getting a lot of prizes. I found rainbow stickers at Dollar Tree and played quite a few games and who ever had the most at the end won the prize.


Bean Bag Toss – I seen a bean bag game on pinterest using points so I made My Little Pony bean bags with the ponies cutie mark. Then I bought 5 baskets from Dollar Tree and printed out points on the cards (10, 20, 30, 40, and 50). I taped the cards on the baskets and placed them on the grass with the highest point further way. Since I made 6 bean bags, each child had 6 tries and whoever had the highest point won.

Party Favors:

Dollar Tree has character cups and of course they had My Little Pony ones so we got enough for the girls and since a few boys would be coming to the party we got them I believe Spider-Man cups.  We filled each cup with pencils, erasers, stickers, candy, gum, crazy straws and bracelets.

You can find more birthday party ideas on my pinterest and if you make anything I shared please tag me on Instagram.





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