Paper Torn Cornucopia

This can be a long process depending on the age of the child you have make this. I had second graders do this craft and I waited for minimum day week to complete this craft.

What You Need:

Construction Paper in brown, black, yellow, orange, purple, dark green, light green and red
Glue/Glue Sticks
Cornucopia Template
Envelopes (Optional)DSCN2018.1.jpg

I just googled cornucopia and found an image that would be great to use, printed it out and traced the outlines of the basket and fruits.

Before hand I did a lot of prep, it just saves me a lot of time. I printed out my template and glued it to a black construction paper.

I made an example to show the students what they were going to make. So I had a feeling of how much paper of each color was needed. The sizes I recommend is a great starting point, if they need more they could get another piece or maybe finish up someone’s paper.

Size of paper:

  • 6 x 4 1/2 inches – Brown & Orange
  • 4 1/2 x 3 inches – Black, Red, Purple, Dark Green, Light Green & Yellow

Have them tear pieces of paper maybe nothing bigger than 1 inch. I do suggest they do a little at at time. I only did this because sometimes students leave during a project and if they had added glue then their paper is full of glue or if a student torn a whole bunch then they have all this torn paper.

If that does happen, then that’s when an envelope comes in handy. Have them place their unused torn pieces in the envelope, write their name on it and paper clip it to their paper.

Have them continue until they have covered majority of their cornucopia. The idea is to have very little white showing. I also suggest to use glue sticks with little ones, its just less messy.

I hope you enjoy doing this with your students, children or even yourself. Below I have other variations of cornucopia crafts.

Other Variations:

More on my pinterest Fall Crafts board.


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