Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes

Christmas is a month away and some people have already began decorating. I am not one of those people, lol. The past few years we been getting real trees so we are waiting a week or two before Christmas to buy one. But for those who are or will be starting their decorating here is a cute and simple craft to make and all you need is a toilet paper roll and paint.

What You Need:

Toilet Paper Rolls
Glue Gun
Paint, of your choice
Hook or string
Glitter, Optional


Use a ruler to make lines 1 inch apart, you should be able to get 9 pieces in one roll. Fold it down and cut on the lines, it doesn’t need to be perfect.


You can use more than 5 but glue the pieces to form a snowflake


If you choose to leave them brown then skip down to the next step. I painted mine blue and white. Once the painted dried, I used glitter glue and applied it to the edges on one side.


When the glitter has completely dried, add string or hook and you can hang it on your tree. I decided to hang some up above my bed.

I pinned some other variations in my Winter Crafts board on pinterest.



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