Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

I’m going to share two different versions of Christmas trees made out of Popsicle sticks, these are very simple and easy to make. I also shared an alternative below for those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

What You Need:

Popsicle Sticks
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
White Glue
Things to decorate your tree
(glitter glue, pipe cleaners, beads, buttons, pom poms, etc)


Christmas Tree #1

This requires some prep before the students get started only because it is hard to cut the sticks. You need about 4 Popsicle sticks, maybe more if the sticks end up splitting while you cut them. I would advise that you do this when no little ones are around because some pieces tend to fly when you cut them.

Begin by measuring out you sticks, measurements below.


Since I had about 20 students, I used an envelope and put all the pieces for the students to use so it was easy to hand out and if they happen to leave early before they get to finish then they had could just put everything back and not lose anything.

Have the students use a green crayon to color cut pieces and a brown crayon to color the “trunk.” You can use white glue but hot glue gun just dries faster and the students could get to decoration their tree, glue the pieces like in the image below.


Once it has dried completely have the students decorate using sequences, pom poms, glitter, buttons and any other thing you have for them to use. When I first made this I only had glitter glue for them to decorate.

I didn’t have any pictures of this tree so I quickly made one using some acrylic jewels and glitter glue. Don’t forget to glue a ribbon to the back so they could hang it on their tree.


Christmas Tree #2

So I hated cutting all those pieces for the previous tree that I found a different version to make that wouldn’t leave my hand in pain, lol. You will need 4 Popsicle sticks, two will not be cut. Cut the other two with appropriate measurement below.


Have the students color the two uncut sticks green as well as the 3″ one and the smaller piece brown; glue the pieces together like the image below.


Below are some of the trees my students made, as you can tell they colored their own way. Which is fine both look great.


I had some beads, so I had the students pick out 10 beads and a pipe cleaner. They strung their beads and I helped them wrap the pipe cleaner around making sure the beads were evenly spread apart, I glued the ends down. I cut stars out on a foam sheet. Then I let them use glitter glue to decorate with.

Christmas Tree Alternative:


I had a few students who didn’t celebrate Christmas so I told them theirs are just trees and then I came up with the idea of making their tree into a picture frame and I glued a magnet onto the back.

Other Variations:

More on my Christmas Crafts board on pinterest.


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