Christmas Card Display

I totally had something else planned for today but I made two Christmas card displays for myself and my grandma that I would like to share. I will also share what I did last year. Materials used you can find most of them at the Dollar Tree also simple and easy.

What You Need:

Christmas Cards
Clothes Pins
Christmas Tree and Wreath Decor


Last year and previous years I just made a simple card display, as you can see below.



I painted the clothes pins, sorry I didn’t get a close up of the clothes pins. I just used red ribbon, made loops on each end to hang on push pins. The bows I tried around the push pins.

So Friday night I had to run to Dollar Tree and I was looking at the Christmas Decor and I seen the wreath and tree and I had a great idea to use them to make card displays.



I wanted to use stronger glue than a hot glue gun, which is fine to use. I ended up using E6000 glue. Turning the wreath and tree over I glued the clothes pins with the opening facing outward.


On the tree I tried my best to hide the clothes pin. Be sure to let it dry over night before use.


I can’t wait to display this year’s cards. (I just used last years and some blank ones for the picture, lol) How do you display your Christmas cards?


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