Snowman Snowglobe

I found this craft on pinterest, I seen so many different pins from different people so I can’t give proper credit. When I seen this, I just feel in love with it. It is so cute and adorable. Below I’ll share a few other variations of this snow globe.

What You Need:

Construction Paper in black and blue
Paints: white, black, brown, orange and few other colors
Glue/Glue Sticks
Snowglobe Template



You can either use the template provided or make your own it’s not very hard. This craft is pretty much self-explanatory. The idea is to use the q-tip to complete the snowman.

Have the students begin with making their snowman, then have them add some snow on the bottom. They can next add to their snowman (eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, etc) and when they are done they can add snow around falling.

Once the paint has dried, they glued on the bottom and since these were displayed on the wall so I had them write their name on the front.

Other Variations:

Check out my Winter Crafts board on pinterest for more ideas.


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