Personalized Mugs

I seen this around on pinterest that I finally made some for my coworkers a few years ago. These mugs are perfect for teachers, neighbors, family and friends.

What You Need:

White Mugs
Oil Based Permanent Makers
Stickers or Stencils


Before I start, the mugs do not need to be expensive mugs, I got mine from Dollar Tree. Also make sure permanent markers are oil based and after you bake the mug the color will change slightly.

These are the 4 pens I used, I found them at Hobby Lobby.


Blue, Gold, Magenta and Aqua

Let’s begin…

  1. Make sure your mug is complete clean. Wash with warm water and soap, let your mug completely dry.
  2. Come up with your design, since I was making these mugs for coworkers I used their first initials J, C, T and C.
    • I used Microsoft word to make my letters, minus the last C with all the tiny dots, I used a sticker.
    • I found the font and size of what I want each letter to be and printed them out. In order to transfer over, I used a technique I learned in art. Click here for a better explanation on how to transfer your letter.
  3. Let your mug completely dry 24 hours.
  4. Then place mugs on a baking sheet and put it in your oven, you are starting off with a cold oven. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F. and leave your mugs in the oven for 2 hours. Remove your mugs once they have cooled down.

Remember the heat will change the colors slightly. Also hand washing is the best way to clean your mugs.

Now to fill each mug up with some goodies.


I put inside each mug two hot coco packets, two tea bags and a candy cane.


I liked how they mugs came out that I made a few more for friends.

NOTE: I made these mugs a few years ago and I couldn’t find the exact directions I followed so I did some researching and I found a few different directions.

*STEP 3: Some say wait 24 hours to dry before putting in the oven, others say 72 hours and I found one who placed the mug in the oven right away.

*STEP 4: When heating the mugs the temperature the oven is different I read that they put the oven to preheat with the mug inside at 450 for 30 minutes then after the 30 minutes to turn off the mugs.

You can try either option and see what works for you, I have two mugs that I need to decorate so I might run my own test and I’ll update when I do.


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