Hot Coco Snowman

This make a perfect gift to give a coworkers, teachers, neighbors, friends or family members.

What You Need:
2 Small Mason Jars
Black Pipe Cleaners
Black Felt
Piece of Fabric or Ribbon
Candy Cane
Puffy Paint
Hot Glue Gun
Mini Marshmallows
Hot Coco Packet


I had these small mason jars that were party favors from a wedding I went to so I put them to good use.

I used puffy paint to make the face and buttons on the jar, shown in picture above. Then I used black pipe cleaner to wrap around the lid.

Using the lid, I traced it on the black felt then I added about 1/2 to it. I cut it out and cut out the circle and fit it over the lid to complete my hat.

The mason jar with the buttons I filled it with a hot coco packet and the face I filled with mini marshmallows.

I hot glued the two together and tied  a scrap of fabric around it with the candy cane.

To compete the gift, I placed the snowman inside a mug I made. Click here on how to make personalized mugs.



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