Gift Bags

If you decided to make personalized mugs or anything that is hard to wrap the best bet is to use gift bags below I’m going to share some gift bags I decorated.

What You Need:

Plain Gift Bags (I used white)
Material to decorate


I found my gift bags at Dollar Tree and you get 3 for $1.00. Things I used to decorate my bag was, ribbon, stickers, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, and glitter glue.

Each bag doesn’t take  long to make and I wanted them to be simple.

Left: I used scrapbook paper to cut out a strip then used snowflake stickers to decorate.

Right: Using double sided scrapbook paper I traced out a circle, cut it in half and folded it to resemble a tree.

Left: Using Christmas wrapping paper I cut out the circles and glued them on the bag. Then I used glitter glue to draw the lines then glued on a ribbon across the bag.

Right: As you can tell as my choose backdrop, I just cut out the stockings from the wrapping paper and used glitter glue for string.

Left: I cut out strips of different lengths using my fancy crafty scissors and glued as shown. Cut out a star you could use glitter glue to make a star.

Right: Using purple ribbon just glue as shown to make a tree and use glitter glue to make a star.





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