Paper Torn Heart

I seen this while browsing Valentine day crafts  on pinterest and I really liked it that I wanted my students to make one.

What You Need

Printed Template
Construction Paper (At least 5 different colors and Black)
Mod podge (optional)


To begin, print out the template on card stock and cut the construction paper into small pieces 4×6 or even 3×2 is perfect. As the students start tearing and gluing they could get more pieces of paper as they go.

Using the black construction paper cut into strips depending how wide you want your frame to be.

I said this before, have your students tear and glue, tear and glue so that way if they end up leaving doing a project or they don’t finish when it’s time to clean up they don’t have all these small pieces of paper laying around.

As you can tell from the template there are 5 sections, so students will be using 5 colors. Another tip is to have them do one color at a time, don’t let them get all 5 colors at once. Have them do one color first then come up and collect the next color.

Another tip and I believe I mentioned this in previous posts as well, is that have the students do small dots of glue first then have them tear the paper and cover up the glue dots.

When they are done, they can either glue the black strips to frame it or I added mod-podge over it then let it dry completely before gluing on black strips.




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