Watercolor Hearts

This is another craft that is simple and easy to do with little ones, also perfect for those to who don’t celebrate Valentine’s day because it just hearts.

What You Need:

Card Stock Paper
White Crayon
Water Color Paints
Fancy Scissors (Optional)

7. February.jpg


This art activity was made to be put in my student’s memory book that I wanted the paper to be a certain size so you an do full sheet, half sheet, or even quarter of a sheet of paper. I also used my fancy scissors for the edges.

You an do this part if the students are unable to but using a white crayon draw hearts on the paper, different sizes; I drew about 7 hearts.

Then I had my students paint the paper, it was fun to see how everyone painted theirs. I really loved this activity and you can simple change it up, instead of using hearts some stars, flowers, even their names.

If you do this activity, be sure to tag me on Instagram.


2 thoughts on “Watercolor Hearts

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