Heart Crafts

In this post you will get a two for one, I’ll be sharing two different Heart Crafts both are very simple and easy to do.

What You Need:

Yarn (Pink & Red)
Hot Glue Gun
Card Stock
Paint (Different shades 0f Pink & Red)
Spoons (Optional)


Yarn Heart:

Not much materials needed for this craft, I used what I already had laying around. To begin, draw a heart, I used a cookie cutter to trace on the cardboard. Then you need to cut it out. My hearts are about 3 1/2 inches by 3 inches.


On the back put a little dot of hot glue and then just start wrapping the yarn around the heart until you are happy with they way it looks. You can add little to a lot of yarn, in the photo below you can see that I used more pink yarn than red yarn.


You can easily do this with different colors and bigger hearts. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with these hearts, I might make more and make a garland. Another idea is to make a mobile out of the hearts.

Marble Painting:

Begin by choosing the colors you want to use, I used three different shades of pink and red. Pour paint into the container you will be using and place a marble in each color. I recommend using a plastic spoon to help roll the paint around and put into the box, so you won’t get paint all over you fingers.



Due to the size of the box I was using I used half a sheet of card stock paper and drew to hearts, one big and one little. Place the paper upside down in your box/container.

Then just place one marble at a time and move the box to roll the marble around until you are happy with the way it looks; do this with how many colors you want to use. The first time I used all the colors and the second time I only used two reds and two pinks.


After it completely dries then cut out the hearts.


This is a really fun activity you can do with your little ones or even do yourself. I might make some more to decorate the house for Valentine’s Day.

If you decide to make any of the crafts shown, be sure to post on Instagram and tag me. 🙂


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