Yarn Bugs: Love Bug

I have tons of yarn so when I seen this popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest feed, I thought I make some and share with you. I made this once in high school so I’m sharing what I remember.

What You Need:

Sturdy Cardboard
Yarn (Pink & Red)
Googly Eyes (Big & Medium Size)
Pipe Cleaners (Red)
Pompoms (Pink)
Foam Sheets (Pink & Red)
Egg carton or Small foam cup
Hot Glue Gun


Before I begin, the colors I listed above are just what I used, you can make your Love Bugs any color and use any color of pipe cleaners, pompoms and foam sheets.

Okay cut your cardboard to size 4 inches by 4 inches. Measure out 6 inches of yarn and cut, put this aside. Cut out one piece of the egg carton, set aside, this will be the base of the yarn bug.


Grab the yarn and wrap it around the cardboard, you will do this about 100 times. Using the 6 inch piece of yarn and tie it around the yarn. Then flip the cardboard over and cut through the yarn.

Hot glue the the yarn bunch to the egg carton you cut out.


Then cut out some feet using foam sheets (I forgot to make the template, I’ll update that part later) and glue to the bottom of the egg carton

Now you can decorate your love bugs, add some eyes, nose, flower, pipe cleaner to make antennas.

Red Love Bug: I cut out small foam hearts and glued on googly eyes. I added twisted pipe cleaners to make antennas with pom poms on top.

Pink Love Bug: I glued on googly eyes and a pom pom nose. I added twisted pipe cleaners to make antennas and made a flower out of felt.

If you make your own love bug, share on Instagram and don’t forget to tag me.



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