Valentine Decorations

Okay Valentine’s day is over but I wanted to share since I already shared something about it in a previous post. I made these Paper Flowers for birthday decorations and I also made some red ones to use for decorations.

What You Need:

Red Paper
Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun
Red Tulle
Card Board



To make the paper flowers click here.


To make the centerpieces, I used Microsoft Word. I printed it on card stock and used fancy scissors to cut the round and added some glitter glue.

To make the Pom Poms, you need a piece of card board about 2 inches by 4 inches. Then you are going to wrap the tulle around the cardboard about 4o times. Using a piece of yarn tie it around the tulle, make sure the yarn is long enough to be able to hang it. Turn the cardboard around and cut the tulle.


It should look like a ball, trim it if some are longer and then fluff it up. In the photo above you notice the size of the ball, that’s because with the smaller one I ran out of tulle, so I didn’t get to wrap it 40 times.


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