Baby Shower Name Tags

My godmother came to me with these pre-cut flower labels and asked if I could print something out on it, well of course I came through and was able to do.

What You Need:

Printed Labels
Hot Glue Gun
Glitter Glue (Optional)


Since I was working with pre-cut flower labels, it actually didn’t take me long to figure it out how to print on them.


I was asked to print ‘Mommy To Be’, ‘Grandma To Be’ and ‘Aunt To Be’ on the pre-cut flower labels.


I cut the stems of the flowers and glued the label to the center of the flower.


They looked kinda blah, s0 I added some glitter glue to the edges of the labels.


The project didn’t take long, the part that did was the drying of the glitter glue and I even added a second coat.


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