Glass Candle Holder

I made these for a friend for her birthday, she really loved it. This is very simply and easy, not to mention cheap, you know if you are on a budget. I made myself some using fabric, Glass Candle Holder to read about it.

What You Need:

Glass Candle Holder
Tissue Paper (color of choice)
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Hole Punch Shape


I remembered I had some hole punchers in the shape a heart and two flowers. So I decided I use one of them to punch out tissue paper.

Since my friends favorite color is blue, I found some dark blue and light blue tissue paper to use.

After I got enough flowers punched out, I painted on mod podge onto the glass and just placed the tissue paper on. I really didn’t have any pattern in mind just randomly placing the tissue paper.


I let it completely dry and I added a layer of mod podge to seal it.





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