Felt Easter Egg Decorations

My mom and I were at restaurant around Easter time last year and she seen these Easter Egg Decorations that she liked. So of course I told her I can make some for her, so I took a picture to use as a reference. I already had everything I need at home to make them.

What You Need:

Felt (different)
Cardstock Paper
Hot Glue Gun
Glitter Glue (Optional)


Here is the picture of the one we seen in the restaurant, not the best because I took it from where I was sitting.


I will provide you with an Egg Template and you can create you own. It is pretty much self-explanatory what I did. I will say that I did glue the felt onto cardstock to make it more sturdy.

I had a stencil for some flowers and I just drew out the others. I added a ribbon to the back so my mom could hang up the flowers.

After I finished I ended up adding some glitter glue to the eggs, like I outlined the flowers and the egg on some. I didn’t take a picture with the glitter glue, maybe when my mom pulls them out I can take pictures and update this post.

Some other things you can use to decorate you egg is acrylic jewels, buttons, flowers, ribbon, etc.


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