Classroom Goodies: Easter

Easter is around the corner so here is a cute and fun way to make something for your child’s classroom.

What You Need:

Paper Cups (Pink & Blue)
Pipe Cleaners (White & any other colors)
Pom Pom (Pink)
Googly Eyes
Foam Sheets
Hot Glue Gun
Hole Puncher
Permanent Marker


Start off by cutting the white pipe cleaners in half, glue the two halves on the cup and the pom pom on that. Add the googly eyes, on the pink cups we added eyelashes.


Cut out two ears using foam, you can either use one color for all or do what we did and use different colors. Glue those on the inside of the cups.

Next hole punch two holes in the cups and use a pipe cleaner to make a handle; this part can be optional.

I made some labels that said “Happy Easter” and with my cousin’s name. You can just write it on the back of the cups. Then fill up each cup with some goodies.


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