Egg Decorating Ideas

Two years ago I found these 12 Decorating Easter Eggs on clearance at Walmart. I didn’t do anything with them until last year and I ended up buying another one as well. Below I will be sharing what I did with the eggs.


The five ideas I’m sharing below were mostly used with paints. I’m going to share a brief explanation for each but by looking at the photo it is self-explanatory.

What You Need:

Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Scrapbook paper
Fake Flowers
Acrylic Jewels

  1. I used scrapbook paper with flowers to glue onto the egg which I painted yellow.
  2. I used a fake flower that I glued an acrylic jewel to the center of the flower.
  3. I painted different flowers all around the egg.
  4. I love the beach so I knew I wanted two to look like it, then I used scrapbook paper that had palm trees that I cut out and glued onto the egg.
  5. I painted the eggs black and used small pieces of sponge to sponge blue and purple paint, try not over do it and hide the black, you want black showing. Then I flicked white using a paint bush onto the eggs, also don’t over do it with the white.

These next two eggs are marbled technique using two different type of methods, both are messy but I loved the outcome.

What You Need:

Fingernail Polish
Small bowl with water
Shallow container
Shaving cream
food coloring
Popsicle Sticks

  1. You want to use room temperature water and work fast so its best to have the fingernail polish unscrewed. Use three colors at a time and drop in a drop of each color alternating about 2 to 3 times. Each time you drop a color drop it into the color before so you will have a ring of colors, then use a toothpick to drag the colors to make a pattern, remember be quick. Dip you egg in half way longs ways then repeat to do the other side.
  2. Add shaving cream to your shallow bowl/container and using food coloring add a few drops of 2 to 3 colors. Using a popsicle stick to mix the colors but don’t over mix. Then roll your egg into the shaving cream and then set aside for a few minutes. Using a napkin clean off the shaving cream.

I hope you enjoyed this, if you using any of these ideas share in the comments below. I displayed my eggs into tall vases this year I think I’ll place them into Easter baskets.


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