Party Ideas: Easter Games

My mom and I were talking about having some Easter games the kids could play and maybe adults can join too. A few of these are party games that I just switched them up for Easter. Many of them don’t require much and I will have printables available.

Easter Games

Guess How Many Jelly Beans:

  • Fill a mason jar with jelly beans, be sure to count them after you fill it up. Then have the children guess how many are in there. The child who is the closes without going over wins the mason jar. You can decorate the mason jar by adding a ribbon so it doesn’t look so plain.

Bean Bag Toss:

  • Buy 5 baskets from Dollar Tree and label each with points (10, 20, 30, 40 & 50). Have about 5 bean bags, each child takes a turn throwing the bean bags and at the end collect their points. The child with the most points wins. Instead of bean bags maybe you could use stuffed bunnies or soft balls.

Bunny Hop Races:

  • Have a starting point and have the children line up, tell them they must hop to the finish line. Whoever reaches it first, wins.

Spoon/Egg Relay:

  • Have a starting point and have the children line up holding a spoon with an egg. Tell them they must make it to the finish line with their egg still on the spoon. If the egg falls off they have to pick it up and start again. First one to the finish line wins.


  • Print out the bingo cards and call cards, use jelly beans as markers. If you are planning on handing out prizes you can get like fruit snacks. You can also hand out stickers to whoever wins and after about 10 games whoever has the most stickers gets a grand prize.

Pin The Tail on the Bunny:

  • Draw a bunny on a poster paper and add a dotted outline of where the tail goes. Cut out some tails, you can number them or write the child’s name when its their turn. Blindfold them and have the child pin the tail on the bunny. Below are some bunnies you can draw, simple and easy.


Easter Egg Match:

  • Get about 20 plastic colored eggs and mix match them. Place them in a basket then tell each child that they will get 1 minute to pull them apart and match them with the correct color. The child who gets the most matched in 1 minute wins. You can adjust the time to 30 seconds if you need to.

Easter Scramble:

  • Print out enough pages of the scramble and give the children 1 minute to unscramble the words. The one who has the most corrected words wins.
    • Easter Scramble
      • ANSWER KEY: Happy Easter, Bunny, Eggs, Carrot, Jelly Bean, Basket, Spring,  April, Peeps, Candy, Chocolate, Chicks, Grass, & Hunt

If you guys play any of the games I listed please share in the comments. Enjoy!


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