Tissue Paper Flower

This is craft was a bit time consuming but I liked how my students got creative with their flowers.

What You Need:

Tissue Paper (different Colors)
Flower Template
Card stock Paper


Print out the flower template onto card stock paper. I used fancy scissors to cut the paper into squares. You can leave it as is or cut the flower out completely.

So this project would of been so much easier if I discovered the pre-cut tissue paper squares at Dollar Tree (image below) when I did this project with my students. If you can’t find what I’m talking about then cut the tissue paper into about 1 – 2 inch squares.


Have the students crumble the tissue paper into a ball and glue onto the flower, have them do this until the flower is completely covered or until the student is happy with their work.

Let the flower dry completely.

Tip: Have the students work a little at a time, don’t let them crumble too much paper. Also suggest they add a few dots on their paper and cover them up before continuing.


2 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Flower

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