Mother’s Day Craft

My site supervisor had these card boards that she gave us and told us can do anything we want with them. Mother’s Day was a few weeks away so I browsed on Pinterest looking for ideas and this is what I came up with.

What You Need:

Cardboard or Card Stock
Construction Paper (Various Colors)
Flower Pot Template (I’LL UPLOADED LATER)
Green and Blue Paint
Foam sheets (Various Colors)
Glitter Glue
Permanent Marker
Hole Puncher


These is very simple and easy to do and you can find most of the things you need at dollar tree.

As I already mention in previous posts, I like to do most things before hand and at home. So I painted all the boards blue, cut out flowers in different color and made the flower pots.

I even got a head start and did the green hand print whenever I had a chance.

I wrote “I love my mom because…” and had the students finish the sentence, once they finished they glued it on. They glued on the flowers and used glitter glue to decorate by adding dots.

I finished it off by writing their name and year at the bottom, writing “Happy Mother’s Day” on top and adding the yarn.


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