Paper Plate Butterfly

We were doing a lesson on habitats and my group had the amazon rain forest. I came up with this craft activity on the Blue Morpho butterfly found in the amazon rain forest.

What You Need:

Paper Plate
Tissue Paper (Various Blue, Black & White)
Glue Stick
Black Pipe Cleaner


Begin by cutting the blue and black tissue paper into squares, about 1 inches. Cut the black tissue paper in half. Then cut the white tissue paper into small rectangles.

Now cut the paper plate like the image below.


Have the the students begin with the black tissue paper, have them go along the edges of the plate, they can add another row of black along the edge. Then they can add the white squares of tissue paper on top of the black, in no particular pattern.

Then have them cover the rest of the plate in the various blue colors. After that they can add a row of black tissue paper down the middle of the plate.


Lastly use black pipe cleaner to make antennas and staple to the paper plate.


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