Memory Book

I wanted this memory book to consist a variety of art work as well as writing samples. Honestly this is a lot of work but it was fun creating it. What isn’t shown is pictures, I took pictures of each student while completing the craft and other activities we did. I printed out the pictures and used the back of each page to attach the photos.

What You Need:

Construction Paper in various colors
Three-pong folder
Crafts completed for each month
Optional: Stickers and foam stickers

August – Self Portrait & Hand Print


I printed out a polaroid-template and had the students draw themselves and had them write their names. Then using ink pads to make their hand print.

September – Fall Tree

fall-treesClick the link above to read more about this craft.

October – Writing Prompt

3-octoberI had about 5 or 6 leaves the students could trace. I had them pick one and they were to trace to leaf and then make the leaf something else. Then they were to write at least two sentences about their picture. I know it’s kinda hard to read but one of the students made their leaf a house, another turned their leaf into a Christmas tree and the last one made their leaf a hot air balloon.

November – Turkey

novemberClick the link above to read more about this craft.

December – Snowman Snowglobe

decemberClick the link above to read more about this craft.

January – Geometric Snowflake

6-januaryClick the link above to read more about this craft.

February – Watercolor Hearts


Click the link above to read more about this craft.

March – Writing Prompt

8-marchI had a prompt the students needed to complete that said, “If I found a pot of gold, I would…” I also had them to draw a corresponding picture to their sentences.

April – Hand Print Tree

9. April.jpgClick the link above to read more about this craft.

May – Tissue Paper Flowers

10. May.jpgClick the link above to read more about this craft.

June – Self Portrait & Hand Print

11. June.jpgI had them do this again to show their growth, in drawing, handwriting and their hands.

I printed out labels for each month, glued that and their project with corresponding months. Then I decorated some pages with stickers or foam stickers. With the pictures I had printed out I glued those to the back of the pages, I used about 20 photos per student.

For the cover I found paper from Wal-Mart to use, I included the program name with the school site we were at as well as the school year. I also had a photo of each student I took in the beginning of the year.

For the final page, I took a group photo of all the students. Then taking a sheet of paper, I left a space for the photo and had the students sign the page. I made copies and glued the group photo on it.


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