Father’s Day Picture Frame

Since my students made something for their mom on Mother’s Day I thought they should make something for their dads. So I came up with two different ideas for them to make. I will be sharing one today and it’s very easy and doesn’t even take long to make.

What You Need:

Popsicle sticks (2 big/4 small)
Glue Gun


To save time I made the frames at home. I had my students use crayons decorate the frame, I used crayons because it’s the easiest and less messy. Other ideas are paint, glitter glue, foam stickers, acrylic jewels, buttons, etc.

I took this project home to finish, I glued the picture to the frame, then I added a piece of ribbon to hang and a piece of felt to the back.

Frame 2.jpg

Add the year somewhere on the back so their dad could remember when they received the frame.

For more craft ideas, follow my Father’s Day board on pinterest.

*TIP: When it came to getting my photos printed I usually went to my local Wal-greens because they had specials and they were good at having them done within the hour. I would just order them thru their website, super easy to use. ***THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED BY WALGREENS THIS IS JUST FROM PAST EXPERIENCES***


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