Father’s Day Booklet

I had my students make a picture frame with Popsicle sticks which you can find here, but I wanted them to make something use that was more personal. So I browsed thru pinterest for some ideas and came up with this booklet.

What You Need:

Large Construction Paper (A few different colors)
About My Dad
Glue stick
White lunch bag



Years ago I came across on how to fold construction paper into a little book. I’m going to try my best to explain how to fold the paper.


Taking you construction paper fold it in half, hamburger fold, then fold that in half and fold it in half again.

Unfold it twice to, the first fold. Cut a line from the fold part, up to the fold lines. Notice in the photo I drew a black line, you don’t need to do that. Make sure you are cutting from the fold part.


Now unfold it and fold it, hot dog fold. This is kinda tricky but push the ends together, it will form a diamond in the cut. Keep going until it meets and you are able to close and make a book.


If this is confusing leave me a comment below.


For the cover of the book, I thought it be neat to make a collared shirt with a tie. In the prinatables I made a the perfect size for the booklet. All you have to do cut out the rectangle and cut on the dotted lines.

Trace out and cut the tie on colored paper then glue on the paper then fold the flaps down diagonal. Look at the photo above for a guide.


Print out the printable provided the first page is just a fill in a blank about their dad. The second page are things you can use in your book.

The speech bubbles I told my students they could write little messages for their dad. Some choose to do that others drew pictures in them.

You can have the students glue in their cuts outs however they want. In the slide show below I have an example.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



You make the bag the same way you made the collared shirt for the cover of the booklet. Cup the top, I used the booklet as a guide to how much I needed to cut off.  I had some scrapbook paper that I made ties. I don’t have a template for that.

Cut two slits on both sides of the bag then I glued the tie on the bag. Fold the flaps and secure it with tape.

I put both the picture frame and the booklet in the bag.


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