Painted Rocks

Over the summer I discovered that my hometown has joined other towns in painting rocks and hiding them for people to find, so of course I joined.

What You Need:

Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Mod Podge


To began, if you have Facebook search “(YOUR TOWN NAME) Rocks” if you town has a group already started join in or create one for you town if there isn’t one.

Basically what it is, is you paint a rock and hide it in your town. Take a photo of your rock and a picture of where it is hiding but not the whole area, you don’t want to give too much away and then post it on the Facebook group with a hint or riddle.

For example:

  • Post Office:  “This rock is here sending off a letter.”
  • Library: “Find me where you can borrow books.”
  • Bank: “Come find me where you get money”

This is a fun way to get you and your kids to do an activity together and it gets you out of your house. You can host a painting party with your friends and kids.

There is a fun painted rock challenge here you participate in.

If you have no idea what to paint just search “painted rocks” on google or pinterest there are tons of ideas out there. I created a board on pinterest of some of my favorite rocks, give it a follow here.

NOTE: I’ll update this with some of my rocks I painted later today


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