Day 1: Clothes Pin Rudolph

Kicking off 12 Days of Christmas Crafts is this simple and easy Rudolph Ornament.

What You Need:

Hot Glue Gun
2 Clothes Pins
Googly Eyes
Red Pom Pom
Green and Red Felt


To begin you need to take apart the two clothes pins, then you want to glue them back to back.

Next you want to glue the two ends together, look at the image below for reference.


Glue on the eyes and pompom, I only had very tiny ones but it still looks good. I cut out some leaves and round circles to and added a ribbon to hang on the tree.

***I will add a picture of it hanging in my tree once my tree is set up.***

This project is so easy it really took me less than 10 minutes to finish it. You can even paint the clothes pin a dark shade of brown. I decided to browse pinterest and found other Rudolph crafts so be sure to follow my Christmas board on pinterest.



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