Day 4: Puzzle Ornaments

I had a puzzle that had one missing piece, don’t you hate that, it was a box of 500 pieces. SO I noticed some parts of the puzzle had a some green, red, and white parts so I decided to make these three ornaments.

What You Need:

Puzzle Pieces
Hot Glue Gun


Like I said my puzzle had some green, red and white pieces so I pulled those out. If you have a puzzle that was like mine then you can just use them as is or you can paint them.


With the red and white puzzle pieces I made a candy cane, I just glued them in red and white order.

With the green ones I made a wreath and attempted a tree, I mean it still looks like a tree. I found a piece that had green and yellow and used it for the top of my tree.

I glued ribbon to the back of each ornament so I could hang it on my tree, I also made a red bow for the wreath. You can add some glitter to them, some acrylic gems or mini pom poms.

***I will add a picture of it hanging in my tree once my tree is set up.***

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