Day 5: Mason Jar Lid Wreaths

I have so many mason jar lids from when I used mason jars for some centerpieces I made so I put a few to good use.

What You Need:

Mason Jar Lids
Hot Glue Gun


For this project you just need the rims of the jar lid but do not throw away the flat part because I will share something you use with that another day.

I made three different one, two with yarn and one with twine. I made the one with twine first because I had pieces pre-cut that I used for another project. I measured each piece I used and to wrap one lid it was 72 inches. When I measured out the yarn I actually needed more but I didn’t measure how much more.


To make the wreath just glue on end and just wrap it until its fully covered. I only wrapped it once but you can wrap it twice for a fuller look.

With my yarn wreaths I had yarn that was multiple colors and I thought it be fun to use that, I really liked how it came out. I made one white and used red ribbon to make it look like a candy cane.

I added a bow on two of them, you can add acrylic jewels or buttons. Don’t forget to add a ribbon so you can hang it on your tree.


Not the best picture but my camera is broken 😦

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