Day 6: Bottle Cap Snowman

We have so many beer bottle caps that we have been collecting to complete a tabletop we are far from what we need to do it, so I took three to make this craft. If you don’t drink beer for bottles maybe you can use soda caps.

What You Need

3 Bottle Caps
Hot Glue Gun
White, Black and Orange Paint


Start off by painting the inside of the bottle caps white, I did two coats of paint. After that dries, use the black to making two eyes and a dotted mouth in one and three dots in another. Complete the face by painting an orange nose.


Lay out all three bottle caps together, measure the length of bottle caps and cut the ribbon. Lay the ribbon on the table and add some glue, place the head of down. Add some glue to the ribbon and the edge of the cap and place down the one with buttons. Do this again for the last bottle cap.

Now this part can be optional, Use ribbon to make a scarf, you can also use a piece of fabric or even yarn. I glued a small button down, an acrylic jewel would work as well. Glue on a piece of ribbon to the top so you can hang it on your tree.

***I will add a picture of it hanging in my tree once my tree is set up.***

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