Day 9: Ribbon Tree

This craft was meant to use a tree branch but when our trees were trimmed a few weeks ago and I didn’t have any branches so I had to substitute it with a wooden dowel. The wooden down worked perfectly.

What You Need:

Tree Branch or Wooden Dowel
Hot Glue Gun


Okay if you are using a small branch make sure its about 4 inches long and if you are using a wooden dowel cut it down to 4 inches.

Next cut 8 pieces of ribbon 5 inches, I used a few shades of green, red, white and silver. Now decide the pattern of your ribbons, lay them out in order.

Then tie each ribbon on the branch or wooden down, leaving a small space between them. Make sure to tie each ribbon the same way or they would be sticking out odd and it would be hard to do the last step.

Day 11

Finally trim each ribbon to form a triangle, the longest on bottom trim more off each ribbon as you move up. Don’t forget to add a ribbon to the top so you can hang it from your tree.

***I will add a picture of it hanging in my tree once my tree is set up.***

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