Day 12: Felt Poinsettia

I have so much scrap pieces of felt so I came up with these felt poinsettias, not much need to make them.

What You Need:

Red and White Felt


Hot Glue Gun



To start off cut 6 petals of each color, like in the photo below. I just cut out one by hand then traced the rest on the felt.


I had a photo for the next step but I didn’t look at it before hand and it was too blurry to use, but for the red poinsettia I pinched the bottoms and glued them before gluing them together. As you can see in the photo above I had a hard time getting form the right away, that’s why you can see the dried hot glue.

So with the white one I decided to glue each together, each corner back to back, see photo below. Then I pulled them in closer pinching them and gluing to form the poinsettia, see the photo above.


You can add a small golden round bead to the centers and ribbon to hang on your tree.

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