12 Days of Christmas Recap + Bonus Craft

Below is a link to 12 Days of Christmas and I’m including a bonus craft. I hope you all enjoyed my craft series that I used materials I already had on hand. I might do a mini series for up coming holidays, leave a comment below if this is something you would like to see.


Day 13: Snowman Fingerprint – Bonus Craft

On Day 5 I showed you a craft to make a wreath using Mason Jar Lids, the rim part and now you have the flat lid so instead of tossing them away I found a great idea to use them.

What You Need:

Mason Jar Lid 
Hot Glue Gun

Bonus Day.jpg

I painted the lid a Metallic Blue, I believe I did two coats. After it dried I painted my middle finger, ring finger and pinkie finger white and pressed them down on the lid. I had no little kids around so I used my own fingers.

This would make a cute keepsake of you little ones or maybe a family keepsake of a family of three maybe you can fit in another finger.

Once the white dries you can paint on a face, buttons, a scarf, a hat, ear muffs or even a beanie.

Don’t forget to add a ribbon so you can hang it on your tree.


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