Gift Bags

If you decided to make personalized mugs or anything that is hard to wrap the best bet is to use gift bags below I’m going to share some gift bags I decorated.

What You Need:

Plain Gift Bags (I used white)
Material to decorate


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Hot Coco Snowman

This make a perfect gift to give a coworkers, teachers, neighbors, friends or family members.

What You Need:
2 Small Mason Jars
Black Pipe Cleaners
Black Felt
Piece of Fabric or Ribbon
Candy Cane
Puffy Paint
Hot Glue Gun
Mini Marshmallows
Hot Coco Packet


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Personalized Mugs

I seen this around on pinterest that I finally made some for my coworkers a few years ago. These mugs are perfect for teachers, neighbors, family and friends.

What You Need:

White Mugs
Oil Based Permanent Makers
Stickers or Stencils


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