Family Reunion Ideas

My family is having a family reunion this weekend so I share some activities and crafts you can do if you are planning a family reunion this summer.


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Floral Arrangement

Since I had so many yellow flowers left over from centerpieces I made for my grandmother’s birthday last year. I made a simple floral arrangement to give for her birthday this year.

What You Need:

Assorted Flowers
Small vase or Candle Holder
Glass Gems


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Party Ideas: Easter Games

My mom and I were talking about having some Easter games the kids could play and maybe adults can join too. A few of these are party games that I just switched them up for Easter. Many of them don’t require much and I will have printables available.

Easter Games

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Sport Centerpieces

During the summer I was asked to make some centerpieces for a friend’s son birthday and the theme was sports. So of course I began searching on Pinterest and on the internet.

What You Need:

Coca Cola Glasses
Foam Sport balls
Foam Sheets (I used red)
Sport Clip-art Players
Photo of child (optional)
Wooden Dowels
Card Stock Paper
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Stick
Peanuts, Sun Flower Seeds and Bubble Gum


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My Little Pony Party Ideas

Last year I helped my aunt throw a surprise birthday party for my little cousin. Her party theme was My Little Pony, so I helped with decorations and party games. Most of my ideas were found on pinterest so here is what I came up with.


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