12 Days of Christmas Crafts


Hello and welcome to my little series that I am calling “12 Day of Christmas Crafts” in which I challenged myself to find 12 Christmas crafts that I can make using what I already have on hand.

These 12 crafts are super easy and don’t cost much to make, you will be able to find most of what I am using at Dollar Tree.

Beginning today, I will be sharing 12 crafts with you over the next four weeks so that will be three crafts a week. Everything I am sharing will you can use to decorate your Christmas tree.

Keep an eye out the first post will be coming soon and I hope you enjoy my little series.



First let me start off by saying thank you to those who are still following me after not posting anything since September. I decided not to let my lack of followers hold me back from doing what I love, which is crafting. Honestly I haven’t been doing much lately I hit some kind of slump but I think I’m over it and can’t wait to get back to it.

So far I have some ideas brewing, I’ll have a few post to share over the next two weeks and beginning November 20th I have a little series to share with 12 posts that I will spread out over 4 weeks. Then I’ll be taking the rest of the year off and be back in January with some awesome things to share.

If there is something you would like to see leave a comment below.

~ Margie ~


My month away was good for me and I will be making my way back very slowly. So I won’t be posting as often as I was maybe once a week then I’ll gradually add in twice every other week. Please be patience with me, thank you!

Valentine Decorations

Okay Valentine’s day is over but I wanted to share since I already shared something about it in a previous post. I made theseĀ Paper Flowers for birthday decorations and I also made some red onesĀ to use for decorations.

What You Need:

Red Paper
Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun
Red Tulle
Card Board



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Well I got sick again and I didn’t have enough energy to write up some post I wanted to share, bummer! I have something for today and I’m going set time aside this weekend to get some post written up.

~ Margie ~