Father’s Day Picture Frame

Since my students made something for their mom on Mother’s Day I thought they should make something for their dads. So I came up with two different ideas for them to make. I will be sharing one today and it’s very easy and doesn’t even take long to make.

What You Need:

Popsicle sticks (2 big/4 small)
Glue Gun


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December Recap

Adios December and 2016!

This January I will continue to share crafts with you, as well as some party centerpieces and get a start on some Valentine day crafts.

Hot Coco Snowman

This make a perfect gift to give a coworkers, teachers, neighbors, friends or family members.

What You Need:
2 Small Mason Jars
Black Pipe Cleaners
Black Felt
Piece of Fabric or Ribbon
Candy Cane
Puffy Paint
Hot Glue Gun
Mini Marshmallows
Hot Coco Packet


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Personalized Mugs

I seen this around on pinterest that I finally made some for my coworkers a few years ago. These mugs are perfect for teachers, neighbors, family and friends.

What You Need:

White Mugs
Oil Based Permanent Makers
Stickers or Stencils


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