Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

With Thanksgiving around the corner I thought I share some of my favorite crafts I seen on pinterest.


To see more Thanksgiving Crafts follow my board on Pinterest.



Painted Rocks

Over the summer I discovered that my hometown has joined other towns in painting rocks and hiding them for people to find, so of course I joined.

What You Need:

Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Mod Podge


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Paper Plate Butterfly

We were doing a lesson on habitats and my group had the amazon rain forest. I came up with this craft activity on the Blue Morpho butterfly found in the amazon rain forest.

What You Need:

Paper Plate
Tissue Paper (Various Blue, Black & White)
Glue Stick
Black Pipe Cleaner


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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

This post was meant to be posted yesterday but something came and it wasn’t ready.  I’m going to share a few Mother’s Day craft ideas that you can easily make or have your children make. Most of what I’m sharing doesn’t require much and won’t take long to make.


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Bird In A Nest Craft

Where I used to work, we had freedom to come up with crafts to do with our students. Well this craft, my co-worker did with her group of students and I thought it was cute. I took a picture of them displayed on the wall. Here is my own version with a template included.

What You Need:

Construction Paper
Brown Tissue Paper
Glue/Glue Sticks
Googly Eyes
Bird in a Nest Template


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